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Songs by Neil Brian Goldberg




The Archies band from the “Archie’s Fun House” TV show, which featured the

Giant Jukebox and a live children’s

audience, were ficticious cartoon characters created from Archies Comics.  The band includes:  lead singer and guitarist, Archie Andrews; bassist, Reggie Mantle; tambourinist, Betty Cooper; keyboardist, Veronica Lodge; and drummer, Jughead Jones.  Hot Dog was Judhead’s dog and mascot for the group.


The real band consisted of vocalists Ron Dante and Toni Wine.  For more information, click here and here.




List of Neil’s songs


The following list of beloved “Giant Jukebox” songs from the 1970 “Archies Funhouse” TV shows were all written, arranged, directed, and produced in the studio by Neil Brian Goldberg.  Neil also played rhythm guitar and was session leader on all the tracks, and sang background on a number of tracks.  The list of 32 titles features “Mr. Factory,” the first musical plea to clean up the environment that made major airwaves, which has become a national treasure.


Neil is still grateful to Jeff Barry for giving him the deal to write these songs, which included having his wife Nancy Barry’s name appear on each song.




YouTube videos of Neil’s songs

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01. Anyone Can Be Anything

02. Ballad of 51st Street Park

03. The Big Boat

04. Candy Kisses

05. Comes the Sun

06. Dance (no video)

07. Don’t Let It Get You Down

08. Don’t Run from Love

09. Falling in Love is Fun

10. Hey, Little One (no video)

11. Honey

12. I’m Just a Puppet on a String

13. Jungle George

14. La-La-La-La-Love

15. The Laughing Song

16. Little by Little



17. Lonely Cricket

18. Looks that Say “I Love You”

19. Love Land (no video)

20. Love Vibrations

21. Love Went Round

22. Lucky Me

23. Monkey See, Monkey Do

24. Mr. Factory

25. My Singing Guitar

26. Oh, Sweet Suzie

27. Rowboat Ride

28. Somebody Likes You

29. Sweet Saturday Night

30. The Ways I Love You

31. We’re One Big Family

32. Young Love





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