Poetic commentary on the Feminist movements'

disgraceful abandonment of Sarah Palin and her daughters.


By Neil Brian Goldberg



You marched and yelled and fought.

You took your righteous causes to the world.

You worked and struggled so hard to gain for all women,

the rights they deserved.


The right to work in any career you chose.

The right to be equally heard and equally respected.

You fought off entrenched attitudes,

which mocked your intelligence, and marginalized your

creativity, your brilliance, your beauty, and your courage.


Now suddenly,

The feminist movement has fallen silent

. . . and the sound of your silence is a deafening roar.


As you turn a blind eye and a deaf ear

to the public mauling of a decent woman.

Not only do you act as if you don’t notice,

But some actually take part in, or silently enjoy,

the on-going, vicious, distorted, sinister and un-true attacks

—the verbal rape—of Sarah Palin and her daughters.


. . . And so, for the moment, your cause,

which was once a beacon of light and hope, has vanished.

Like a place that once brimmed with devotion and joy,

all that you have accomplished, now appears as a dark, deserted,

encrusted temple, inhabited only by rodents and creeping things,

and filled with a profound silence—screaming –

                 hypocrisy,  hypocrites!


The next time any woman speaks about, or claims to be a feminist,

ask her if she stood up for Sarah Palin and her daughters.

Not whether she likes Sarah, or whether or not she can stand her – just –

did you stand up for your sister and your little sisters,

while they were brutally being verbally raped—SILENCE SCREAMS.


All rights reserved © 2009